Tarheels Loss to the Florida Semnoles 3-14-09

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Thinking of the basketball game between the NC Tarheels and the Florida Seminoles has actually not changed a thing. Both teams played hard and well...


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High School Team Wins 100-0, Now Wants to Lose?

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A Texas High School girls basketball team defeated an opponent 100-0 in a game early last week.  Covenant High School (a Christian school, no ...

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NEW YORK -- Yankee Stadium is set to host what may be its final gala Tuesday, as the Yankees prepare to introduce another winter prize in first bas...

John Challis + Life = Exceptional

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I first read about John Challis online.  It was the first weekend in May and I was looking for a story to share with my own baseball players.&...

Making a statement

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The last baseball game I coached I was mad at a kid for looking at the 3rd strike. So I was yelling at him because he had another excuse,and I...

Do you see what I see?

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After playing real respectable baseball.and then going out and having to have the field fumigated because of the stentch in a home game. Seeing the...

High school baseball player throws at Ump..

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You tell me.  Its looks like a cheap shot as the catcher ducks and the pitcher throws a little high.  There is no way to prove beyond a d...

That's a Winner - A State Championship Winner

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This past Saturday afternoon, history was made not only for the state of Illinois high school baseball, but for the small town of Hi...


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Top of the 2nd 1 man on and 2 out, with the #9 batter up. 4 pitches later tmo men on 2 outs.and a 17 year old who hit a powerful 625 is at the...

This Is Certainly One Way To Protest A Bad Call

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If you've ever played baseball and had the home plate umpire make a bad call, you've probably said to yourself "Man, I just wish the ...

Last Years Baseball World Series

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last years baseball world series was awesome! my dad is a baseball player, so we watched it every night, all night. at first, i thaught it was SOOO...