Brittney Griner: High School Girl (?) Can Dunk With Ease

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As you may very well have witnessed on SportsCenter last night, here's Brittney "Pat" Griner, a 6'7 high school junior playing gi...

Willie Warren had the dunk of the weekend

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It was just yesterday we were just drooling over Lebron James' dunk on Rasheed Wallace. Pistons fans took it a bit too seriously, but overa...

O.J. Mayo falls victim to Euro soccer star masquerading as high school referee

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Update: I guess the video has been taken down on Youtube. So here's the new link High School phenom O.J. Mayo has gotten himself into tr...

Do you ever get tired of watching backboards get shattered?

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Send it in, high schooler!

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Attempt to disregard the menopause advertisement before the actual footage. High school recruit headed to UCLA, sends it in Jerome Lane style....

What's the Capital of Thailand?

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We have a new candidate for worst person in the world. A Colorado high school basketball coach is facing 39 ... 39! counts of assaults on 14-17 yea...

From The World Of Great Parenting

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This is the story of Nancy Nibarger, coach of the girl's high school basketball team in Castro Valley. Parents of several girls who didn't mak...