Should this police officer be charged with assault after tripping fans who were rushing the field?

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Vandegrift High School in Texas just won their first ever state championship in girls soccer. Naturally, the students in attendance were excited...

Basharat Ditta

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Basharat Ditta is currently 36 years old and first became a director 8 years ago at the age of 28. His most recent non-secretarial directorship is ...

Another Girls Soccer Fight? AWESOME.

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I know you loved our post on Friday about the BYU/New Mexico soccer game catfight - the star of course being Elizabeth Lambert. But I think you'll ...


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what must i say, about the team i love (BERCELONIA) am just proud about them

This Is Either The Most Impressive Goal Ever, Or That Dude Is The Worst Goalie Ever

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This video is from some high school game two days ago. There's no real point in telling you who the schools are (no one cares), and there...