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New Homepage - Links to Old Favorites

by Jess Jess 4/8/1011 Comment Comments »
With the change of the home page, I know a lot of you probably lost a lot of links that you might visit frequently. I have collected URL's to those I could think of - please let me know if I've missed any and I will try to get them for you :)


Fan / Friends Feed:
Suggested Fans to Follow -
Browse Fans -

: go to - From there, you can go to any of the main pages for all of the sports that we offer. Or, you can just plug in the sport; for NFL -

TEAM PAGES, you can do one of a couple different things. Either click the logo anywhere you see it (your profile, a bet, etc.) or go to the Sports Pages using the method above, and click "Teams" on the tabs on the main sports page. For example, I want to go to the Seahawks page. I go to and click "NFL". I get to the NFL "Talk" page and click "Teams" at the top...then Seattle Seahawks. Or, I could just go to

Articles -
Hotlinks -
Photos -
Videos -

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#1 | 1655 days ago

(Edited 04/09/10 6:36PM by JenX63) these links will stay here Jess...I was concerned about not being able to get to my rude of me..Thank you Jess, these links are life savers..
#2 | 1633 days ago

How do I get to EDIT PROFILE?
#3 | 1633 days ago

JenX63 wrote:
How do I get to EDIT PROFILE?
#4 | 1633 days ago

Chief_aka_James wrote:
Thank you James
#5 | 1633 days ago

If you don't want to bookmark that link, you can still get there from your profile too - on your "Wall" page on your profile it's directly under your default photo :)
#6 | 1632 days ago

(Edited 05/02/10 5:02PM by JenX63)
Thank You Jess 8), clearly I need glasses...
#7 | 1632 days ago

It's ok - most of us don't go to our own profile/wall all that often. It's not very obvious :)
#8 | 1624 days ago

Another question? How do I get to the page where you can ^5 top fans? know what I'm trying to say right?...the #1 fans in each category?
#9 | 1611 days ago

Where is the community tab for inviting people? Somebody sent me a PM asking for it.
#10 | 1610 days ago

The community tab actually has disappeared (something may be back in the future for that). However, if people want to invite their friends they can just send an email (or bulk email) with this link:


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