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by Dream_Machine Dream_Machine 6/7/104 Comment Comments »
Is It Just Me, Or Does The Point Polls On FanIQ Sometimes Get The Scoring Wrong. Not Only Do They Score It Wrong And Then When Someone Answers Are Screwed Up, They End Up Being The Top Finisher. Can anybody Help Me On This One.

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#3 | 1596 days ago

Thanks Jess... I learned a new word today! (Wonky)
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#1 | 1597 days ago

Hi Thomas,
Actually the points / scoring / etc. with polls are all kind of wonky right now. They will eventually be revamped to a newer and more stable (and fun fresh) format but in the meantime I think it's just one of those things that, since we'll be investing a lot of time redesigning and updating them completely in the relatively near future, fixing random weird little issues here and there that actually have a lot more to do with the old points system we don't even use anymore in the meantime would be a waste of our already limited resources.

Hang in there - we'll get it changed and fixed soon :)
#2 | 1596 days ago

Thanks Jess. Good To Know That FanIQ Is On It Already.
#3 | 1596 days ago

Thanks Jess... I learned a new word today! (Wonky)
#4 | 903 days ago

whatever happened to this

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