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How to add an image to your post

by Kenne Kenne 7/12/104 Comment Comments »
Recently I've received a few questions on how to add a picture to posts.
This diagram will explain what needs to be done.

How to add an image to your post Photo

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#1 | 1565 days ago

Nice job Kenne! 
#2 | 1565 days ago

Bathing Suit Fail

Just curious if I can post this pic, or does it violate that coc thing?
#3 | 1565 days ago

lol as hideous as this picture is, it doesn't violate the Code of Conduct.

We can still post pictures in polls and some other areas, but the option isn't there in the comment portion of Playbook due to a lot of problems we've had in the past. These problems have less to do with Code of Conduct violations than they do with HTML breaking codes etc...Making this option unavailable (starting in Playbook comments) will help the site run smoother, faster, and help prevent some of the bugs and glitches we've had in the past.
#4 | 1565 days ago

That was for someone just whining about the abscence of the daily thong poll. Playbook and fantasy shouldn't have the availabilty of posting pics; kinda takes away from it the whole aspect, unless there will be an updated type of game page that also includes playbook.

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