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The Case Against a Playoff System

by CriticalFanatic CriticalFanatic 11/9/061 Comment Comment »
There is no other sport where the regular season means so much.

Think about the 10 most memorable college basketball games? How many of them are from the tournament. Do you even recall how Ohio State faired against Wisconsin?

Now ask yourself about the 10 most memorable college football games? I'd say it's a 50/50 split between the title game and regular season games.

What's wrong with this current formula? I know your answer, but Brian at College Football Resource makes some strong points as to why we should just enjoy the system.

View Article: (College Football Resource)

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#1 | 2875 days ago

I agree with that and like it the way it is most of the time. There are times I go back and forth wanting a playoff and others, not. I like the debating of it. It's fun to me.

I disagree with how he juxtaposes football with baseball, basketball and hockey. I think we would go to the game when it's in town because in football, it will be at least another year, sometimes 2 or more, before we get the chance again. In baseball, you usually have the next 3 days or wait a month, they'll be back. I think having so few games makes it more memorable and important.

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