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Video-jericho theme song-YouTube
jericho theme song
1 thumbs up | 8/4/09
Video-Top 30 WWE Finishing Moves-YouTube
Top 30 WWE Finishing Moves
1 thumbs up | 8/4/09
who is the Sexiest diva in WWE ?????

by pathaksuraj pathaksuraj 8/4/09121 Comment Comments »
Plz give ur opinion

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#121 | 1894 days ago

john cena rocks......!
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#101 | 1892 days ago

Joker_99 wrote:
hai friend nice to chat with u.
#102 | 1892 days ago

i would have to say Sable she my fav
#103 | 1892 days ago

Candice Michelle
#104 | 1891 days ago
austin31647 (+)

karanraiduggar wrote:
Eve Torries
Reply to karanraiduggar's comment...sorry but tris stratis was the sexiest then mickey james dont forget sable either
#105 | 1890 days ago

woo sable she was like a cat in a bath tub
#106 | 1890 days ago

#107 | 1890 days ago
TheGregg (+)

Definitely Trish
#108 | 1890 days ago

no one can face stamaner of hbk
#109 | 1889 days ago

reble150 wrote:
kelly kelly or ashaley
hei i like Candice Michelle is so cool but whose she's fan's?

#110 | 1887 days ago

Right now the divas are lacking maria was very hot atill i seen her in playboy then i was not to much in to her...mickie james was sexy but now she geting a lil bit bigger like she put pounds on...like she still cool just not as sexy anmore...i have to say no matter when i seen this diva i alwayz was like wow it is lita i choose her...
#111 | 1887 days ago

damn right mickie james all the way
#112 | 1887 days ago
BigDaddy_D (+)

KELLY KELLY, yeah baby!!!!
#113 | 1862 days ago

I think there will be more than one answer for that question..
I will choose Maria kanellis and Eve torris
#114 | 1862 days ago
josh_draughn18 (+)

look all of these woman are and in there time were very beautiful wheater it was on raw smackdown ecw playboy whatever they were all in there on way hottttt but one i did notice noone had mentioned what about lillian garcia the ring annoncer on raw i mean my god she is just gorgeous
#115 | 1860 days ago

Ya... I loves her face and voice...
#116 | 1858 days ago

hei now i like very very much maria
#117 | 1858 days ago

#118 | 1858 days ago

Kelly Kelly is hands down the sexiest Diva!!!
#119 | 1062 days ago
Sam_Syed (+)

The One The Only Kelly Kelly...... She Is the Most The Beautiful the Sexiest Diva of WWE
#120 | 923 days ago

Going by promotions - The Sexiest in WWE is Kelly Kelly , In TNA the Sexiest is Mickie James and in Ring of Honor - Maria. And my choice of Sexiest of them all is Mickie James 

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