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First Weekly Fanny Award Winner - NMboyzfan

First Weekly Fanny Award Winner - NMboyzfan - Locker Room Photo

FanIQ's Rating: 5.3 (6 votes)
Submitted Feb 11th, 2010
by: Jess

Sport: Locker Room

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#1 | 1693 days ago

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOO!  Congrats jerkface!
#2 | 1693 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

 way to go it was a great poll! and should have won. (allright jess i was nice am i off probation now?)
#3 | 1693 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

 but all kidding aside it was a great poll.
#4 | 1692 days ago
NMboyzfan (+)

First, I would like to thank all of the countless thousands of women who have PM'd me, offering a lifelong relationship of love and devotion.  Without them, I would be nothing.  So, what was this for anyhow?...Biggest ahole on the LR?
#5 | 1692 days ago

Your poll won the highest honor in the Locker Room - it was voted by the rest of the site as the best of the week :)
#6 | 1692 days ago

Congrats NMboyzfan.....
#7 | 1692 days ago

Congrats NMboyzfan
#8 | 1637 days ago

mine mine mine mine i need that trophy

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