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My Puppies! Shih-Tzus... Bolt (tan) and Lightning (black) ...

My Puppies!   Shih-Tzus... Bolt (tan) and Lightning (black) ...  - Locker Room Photo

FanIQ's Rating: 10.0 (9 votes)
Submitted Sep 13th, 2012
by: Green_eyed_Deja

Sport: Locker Room

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#1 | 686 days ago

Awww! Let me free!
#2 | 686 days ago

JenX63 wrote:
Awww! Let me free!
Actually they have the run of the house, just not the kitchen, or living room.... gotta get the wires covered in the living room first....
#3 | 686 days ago
Nick__ (+)

#4 | 686 days ago

soo cute !!
#5 | 686 days ago

Awwwwwwwwww their so adorable Debbie.. Love them! heart
#6 | 686 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

I have one of those. smiley

 They're bitches so be careful. I'm serious they are mean little dogs. But, they sure are lovable. 
#7 | 686 days ago

The tan one is so rambunctious, but the black one is so very mellow. and both guys...
#8 | 686 days ago

#9 | 686 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

Green_eyed_Deja wrote:
The tan one is so rambunctious, but the black one is so very mellow. and both guys...
Sorry I meant to hit smart. The one I have is the black one. Her name is mittens, that's probably why she's always so pissed off. frown

But, she will just run up to the other two much bigger dogs and just bite them and hang off their faces! God she is mean. And they just let her, they need to bite her spoiled ass back! 
#10 | 686 days ago

Bolt does the same thing to Lightning. Finally lightning gets tired of it and just stands over bolt so he can't move!
#11 | 686 days ago

#12 | 686 days ago

Michael_G wrote:
Now I have 2 sets! wink
#13 | 685 days ago

nice  companions
#14 | 685 days ago

awwwwwww adorable!!!! heart

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