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Precious - No-Tails 1st litter

Precious - No-Tails 1st litter - Locker Room Photo

FanIQ's Rating: 6.0 (1 vote)
Submitted Oct 4th, 2012
by: JuJu_52

Sport: Locker Room

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#16 | 717 days ago

That little tail looked more like a bunny rabbits, lol  
#17 | 717 days ago

JuJu_52 wrote:
That little tail looked more like a bunny rabbits, lol  
Now that you mentioned it yes it does...Should of named her Bunny....lol
#18 | 716 days ago

DallasFan55 wrote:
Now that you mentioned it yes it does...Should of named her Bunny....lol
That woulda been the perfect name for her! Sadly, the only remaining Manx kittens are ones we gave some friends...they were males and none had the no tail.  We had 42 cats outside that we took in and most were ones we raised from kittens.  Not sure if the summer before last....the one that was soooo hot, got to them or if a neighbors dogs killed them all. The neighbor beside us has a female and a male that took up at her house and has had several litters of kittens. She is so attached to them all but said we could have them since they were ours to begin with. We couldn't do that to her..she's elderly and those animals keep her company plus she enjoys them so.  I am looking for another female Manx tho....they are the best kitties, don't meow loud and soooo loving.  Broke my heart when a neighbor accidentally on purpose ran No-Tail over! :(

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