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This is a pic of my brother and nephew

This is a pic of my brother and nephew - MLB Photo

FanIQ's Rating: 9.8 (44 votes)
Submitted Dec 26th, 2009
by: Frankie_D

Sport: MLB

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#27 | 1675 days ago
Cop4Cubs (+)

They look fantastic and happy , nice pic buddy !!
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#1 | 1675 days ago
lovinmyjeffgordon (+)

That is soooooo cute.....
#2 | 1675 days ago
Cop4Cubs (+)

They look fantastic and happy , nice pic buddy !!
#3 | 1675 days ago
BlondeKitten (+)

That is adorable.....Im guessing hes not gonna have a choice about what baseball team to root for....lol
#4 | 1675 days ago

like a haven in your hand my dear.miss u baby.love u.good name.
#5 | 1675 days ago
Cherrie (+)

Awe that's sweet congratulationsKid With Toy Car
#6 | 1674 days ago

Now that's what you call a proud Daddy there!  Such a beautiful baby, bet you're a very proud Uncle too Frankie!!   Thank you for sharing !!
#7 | 1674 days ago

#8 | 1674 days ago

Frankie!!! AWesome Picture Bro!!! Family is very important!!! You have a great looking family!! Much Love and Respect, Alfred
#9 | 1674 days ago

thats hard core!!!
#10 | 1674 days ago

That's a really good picture Frankie.
#11 | 1674 days ago

 Very handsome young fellas! Thanks for sharing!
#12 | 1674 days ago
Sherry63 (+)

Awe how cute, looks like they already bonded
#13 | 1674 days ago

Now that I like, family traditional Cub Fans!
#14 | 1674 days ago

looks cute enough to spoil!!!! (the baby)
#15 | 1674 days ago

How adorable, daddy looks very proud and happy best of luck to your family!
#16 | 1674 days ago

Absolutely the most Adorable Cubs Fan!! Love the pic.!!
#17 | 1674 days ago

Very cute.  Both look happy.  Too bad they are not wearing Cardinal Red.  Oh well, LOL!!!
#18 | 1674 days ago

AWESOME! He looks soooooo proud, and so he should be!
#19 | 1674 days ago
spyder6665 (+)

Great pic. thanks for sharing. hope you all have a Happy New Year
#20 | 1673 days ago

Great pic Frank! That being said, my Nephew Sean Summers and his wife Andrea, they now have a baby girl! She was born two days before Christmas ( Dec. 23) this year. She's 9 pounds 3 ounces, and 21 inches long. ( that's big!)  And holy smokes, she's gorgeous!!! 5 days old and she's already cooing. Unbelieveable! Thanks for sharing!
#21 | 1673 days ago
candeh112001 (+)

That is so adorable!!!!!  Thanks for sharing!!
#22 | 1672 days ago
tundra_breeze (+)

Thanks for sharing, Frank_D!  Picture perfect, and complements to your handsome brother and so so so cute baby!  Just adorable and God's gift.
#23 | 1672 days ago

Thank You all Very much. I'm a very proud Uncle.

Have yourself a Wonderful and Safe New Year!! Let the New Decade Begin! Let's hope its a good one for the Cubbies!!!!!!!
#24 | 1672 days ago

Great pic.

Minus the Cubs gear  hehe
#25 | 1660 days ago

Love the Pic Frankie!  Thanks so much for sharing that!  Too bad no one got him a Chargers jersey!  *giggle*!!  Thanks for sharing! 
#26 | 1613 days ago

soooo cute, ahhhhhhh thanks for sharing. (his mini me)

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