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Wrigley Field 1950, Center Field Bleachers Full, Baby Ruth rooftop sign.

Wrigley Field 1950, Center Field Bleachers Full, Baby Ruth rooftop sign. - MLB Photo

FanIQ's Rating: 7.5 (6 votes)
Submitted Dec 19th, 2009
by: Shaconage

Sport: MLB

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#1 | 1682 days ago

I was born one year later.
This is a rough composite of two 35mm slides taken with a stereo camera on Sunday, May 14, 1950. Pittsburgh was in town for a doubleheader, with Johnny Schmitz facing the Pirates' Junior Walsh. As we can infer from the scoreboard data and the position of the fielders, Wayne Terwilliger must be stepping in to the batter's box to lead off for the Cubs in the bottom of the first.

  • The photo is from the first game -- showing us that doubleheaders in that year began at 1:30 pm.
  • The ivy had been planted in 1938, 12 years earlier -- but it isn't even close to being fully grown. In mid-May, even today, the ivy isn't fully grown in for the summer, but in this photo you see almost no growth. Even the leaves on the trees behind the bleachers haven't grown in on that day.
  • Check out the vendor, standing up in the blue jacket with yellow writing -- wearing a fedora! Many other men are also wearing fedoras; you see a couple of people wearing Cubs caps, but no one else wearing any team garb.
  • The LF grass looks pretty chewed up. Remember that the Bears played in Wrigley Field in that era, and the area that looks brown was just about the middle of the field.
  • More interesting; Info excerpt from: Wrigley Field In 1950 from bleed cubbie blue blog: A Photo Essay at http://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2009/11/30/1178847/wrigley-field-in-1950-a-photo-essay .
#2 | 1682 days ago

Great photo Rob!  Thanks for sharing!  Aww the good ole days of old time baseball!! 
#3 | 1682 days ago

That is an awesome photo Rob. Notce it was sold out. Things haven't changed in that prospective.
#4 | 1682 days ago

Wow how cool is that picture!  It seems like not much has changed at Wrigley, ivy on the walls sold out park, and day games.lol
#5 | 1682 days ago

Beautiful picture! Wish I was there! Thanks for sharing Rob!

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