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-Test New Features
-Discuss Issues
-Ensure Quality Content

FanIQ Moderators are users who have demonstrated an ability to be a leader on the site, through positive & active contributions.

Moderators are here to help you get the most out of your FanIQ experience, by making sure things run smoothly & assisting you with any questions you may have. Moderators are marked with a and can be found all over the site.

Become a FanIQ Moderator
  • Become a leader of one of the fastest growing sports sites on the Web!
  • Sneak previews and input on new site features
  • Special privileges not available to members
  • Access to the Moderators-only league
  • Recognition throughout the site
  • Access to behind the scenes company information
  1. Be a FanIQ Member for at least 3 months
  2. Have historically been an active contributor to FanIQ (both in terms of quality and quantity)
  3. Serve as a positive example & leader on FanIQ
  4. Passion to make FanIQ the best online sports community
How to apply:
Send us a message detailing your interest. Message us