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I have no idea

Sorry the life of an OTR driver, not home much to share comments about anything. I come on here when I can or when I'm home

love the new faniq
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I have no thoughts.

Who should I expect to run into at the Draft Party next month?

GO Rays!!

Love you all guys!

its gonna be a tough season for us!! hav to cross my fingers all the way thru'!
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UGH! I am about to scream!

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The Suns might make it into the Playoffs. Still in the end I think there is a possibility of a rematch of Cavs vs Lakers. both r doing gr8

Happy Halloween, y'all ...

Be My Baby

Going to be an interesting year without Donovan...looking forward to the unknown (:

Success demands paranoia...

The right man is the one who seizes the moment
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I'm torn between Honduras y USA :(

I'm at home just kickin back checkn messages
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i have a boyfriend yayayayyyyyyy
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i don't know...
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How 'bout them Cowboys!!!

idk how to use