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Failure is not an option. It's a step.

Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You dont do things right once in a while you do them right all the time

What the hell is this new addition to my Q-wall?

Quick is down! Quick is down! F*************uuuuudddddgggeeee!

2014 - The Year of the Popularity Contest….AGAIN! (smh)

"The legs feed the wolf"

Do ya think that Texas will be allowed in the W.S. again? Selig says NO

Oh Em Gee! #PyschAllNight!!!!

Never forget....9/11/01

Your eyes, your eyes tell me everything. The first, the last and in between, that's everything.


Pitchers and Catchers report...going to Lakeland to see Justin Verlander!

@!$#@#$#%$@#$@ I HATE !$#%##%$@% WINTER!

I have a sinking feeling this is going to be a loooooooong season

Texans change 1 team color from battle red to blood red. Errbody gettin whacked.

One day at time and never say never. Some great competition for fantasy sports. Join through my link.

Tough game v the Stars. Must figure them out before the playoffs.

i love hot dogs

You can think that haha

Hope the Ravens Beat the Crap out of New England This Coming Sunday....

Wow does anyone still go on this site lol

Defense wins basketball games...And Championships.

It has been forever since i signed on here!

JaMarcus = Worst. Qb. Ever.

I Will Take On Any And All Comers In Q Fantasy. See If You Can Knock Off The #8 Player On FanIQ