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headline: "Dwight Slights L.A!" I'm dreaming of a Dwight-less Xmas! Out of Dwight Out of Mind!

I Will Take On Any And All Comers In Q Fantasy. See If You Can Knock Off The #8 Player On FanIQ

Defense wins basketball games...And Championships.

Never forget....9/11/01

Guess who's back?

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Lets go Mets....


The Astros will be much improved this year.

mad at the whole world today!!

Happy Birthday, NAVY <3

Pitchers and Catchers report...going to Lakeland to see Justin Verlander!

Happy New Years!!

Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You dont do things right once in a while you do them right all the time

"Smile Now, Cry Later"

Boy I am stinking big time with my bowl picks this season

I'm ready for some FOOTBALL


i think the giants are completely falling apart! who would of thought they would lose four in a row?

2-24 SRB FL 72°! Takin' Faniq 2 the Beach,Gone Fishing if my predictions go south! Ready 4 the 'Madness',NBA MLB action!

I feel this is the year for the Braves!!!!

Dean Koontz he isnt but I'm loving my new Greg Hurwitz books :-)


The Cards will win tonight over the Red Sox.

It\'s finally next year.

The pain lets us know it's real. The fact we are still alive in spite of it makes us stronger. The sun will rise, and a new day will begin.

Lets go Wild!