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they are a great team
little_whiskey_girl63 (+)
manitowoc, WI
Female 51 years old
NFL - Minnesota Vikings

this is me


I think the Bears and the Packers game was awesome, but I really wanted my team to win.

Great if u have someone with u

ok that's impossible, but I can draw a blank now and again

dawn093 (+)
Ashland, WI
Female 47 years old
NFL - Green Bay Packers

super bowl sunday yeah

Wonder who will take super bowl lmao i know long time yet lmao

Green Bay Packers RULE!!

msblue67 (+)
West Allis, WI
Female 46 years old
NFL - Green Bay Packers

carmenlabagnara (+)
madison, WI
Female 52 years old
Bowling - Bill O'Neill

rollerdome2002 (+)
beaver dam, WI
Female 41 years old
Olympics, Summer - Gymnastics

he's hot as smoke..haha
buter99flyjojo1 (+)
Green Bay, WI
Female 44 years old
NASCAR - Tony Stewart

i really dont like this kind of sports... lol ... i like a different kind if u no wha i mean

If ya cant beat 'em, join 'em! NOT!

babyblue4u70 (+)
Female 44 years old

Happy New Year 2014!!!

88 in "12

Happy Halloween, y'all ...