Fans Jimmy Follows

The Bears completely disgust me right now.

Guess who's back?

I've reached the goals I set for myself in the time I've been on the Q. In the top 1000 fans in the 1st 6 months etc. It's been great.. Ciao

Oh, bother.

rough night for Torres, Bowles and Pulver...bye bye spare cash

I'm quickly losing respect for the 2013 Chicago Cubs ... turn it around quickly Cubs , this die-hard is impatient.

My Mountaineers lost to Marquette? What's up with that???

just won Avs playoff tickets off the radio to tomorrow nights game...super excited!!


i love hot dogs

wondering who my anonymous "Loser" gift giver is.

Gotta love seeing all the people on here that I remember from years ago.

Tough game v the Stars. Must figure them out before the playoffs.

OK back after a brief hiatus!

You gotta love ORANGE...

The Cubs found another way to lose tonight, and there was a chance to gain ground.

HELLOOOO MY FANIQ'rs...been awhile since I've been on here...working hard these days! Super Bowl was awesome, but of course my team

D'Wade needs help!

Good luck tonight!!!

Virginia Tech is the best ncaa football team in history!

What I wanna know is why am I the NUMBER THREE fan now!? Haha