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NFL Arrests DB -

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Happy Turkey Day to all :)

@!$#@#$#%$@#$@ I HATE !$#%##%$@% WINTER!

Oh, bother.

If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies within yourself. - Tecumseh

This D needs a fine tune up, Arians is the man to get the job done

Not being able to access polls I created STINKS!! Why do I even come here...GRRRR!! =(

This is the year for the Falcons. RISE UP ATLANTA !!!!

Scarves Up!

Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You dont do things right once in a while you do them right all the time

Dean Koontz he isnt but I'm loving my new Greg Hurwitz books :-)


Even thought the KINGS are a GREAT team, it's time for BASEBALL!!! GO YANKEES!!!

I'm quickly losing respect for the 2013 Chicago Cubs ... turn it around quickly Cubs , this die-hard is impatient.

I have a sinking feeling this is going to be a loooooooong season


"The legs feed the wolf"

Go Yankees!

Just dreaming about quick fantasy last night.

Today marks one month until the 2012 Cubs season begins! GO CUBS GO!

Be yourself.

I'm ready for some football! ...Go Bears!!

~ ~ Don't Trade Rizzo

Football season is over, time to start gearing up for Daytona and the NASCAR season.

I havent checked in for a ehile...I hope everyone is healthy and doing well..Team gave it you're bestGood luck next season....!.