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I have no idea

Your eyes, your eyes tell me everything. The first, the last and in between, that's everything.

lol I dont even wanna say anything but they will get better I swear!!!
Buggy28 (+)
United States
Female 33 years old
NFL - New England Patriots

I'm so damn proud of my Boys!!!!!!! Way to beat the Saints Dallas!!!!!!!!!
teresaglynn20 (+)
United States
Female 33 years old
NFL - Dallas Cowboys

What a wildcard wkend.. 3 out of 4 of my predictions were met!! Cant wait for this wkends playoffs!!

i love hot dogs

Florida St. will get upset by Auburn Monday night in the BCS National Championships Game.

Good luck tonight!!!

i think the colts win go colts
staciebecc19 (+)
hammond, United States
Female 32 years old
NFL - Indianapolis Colts

Go Bengals!!

Roger Federer has not gone down this year, he just let someone else win for a change!!


I'm a Brett Favre fan.

Reining horses are like the best trained western horses

plataingrid (+)
virginia, United States
Female 34 years old
HS Soccer - Virginia*

go hawks
tohottohandel (+)
spokane vally, United States
Female 41 years old
NASCAR - Dale Earnhardt Sr

feeel good
kendraray99 (+)
United States
Female 33 years old
Soccer - Chelsea

sks16rox (+)
dallas, United States
Soccer - FC Dallas

My Saints will beat them Birds!!!!
gatorgurl (+)
St Louis, United States
Female 40 years old
NFL - New Orleans Saints

blondie1977 (+)
Sparks, United States
Female 37 years old
NFL - Miami Dolphins
NASCAR - Greg Biffle