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Scarves Up!

Gotta love seeing all the people on here that I remember from years ago.

SKINS season is here!!!


Maybe it's time to bring up Feliz?

Dear Friends, When my body is responding better I will be more active.

The Cavs are on fire!!!!

I'm in 2 yahoo fantasy football leagues that I'm looking to fill. If interested, send me a message.

Done with this website. Too many bugs here. Done. ChargerJim...out!

I'm thinking I havent been on the Q for months but I'm back...HTTR!

Can somebody tell Matt Kemp that the season has begun?

Redskins, Caps, Wizards, and Nats fans, join our Forum at

OK boys, we kick butts and take names tomorrow... arrrgggggg.... REMEMBER TO BRING THE BATS!! :)

The Cubs found another way to lose tonight, and there was a chance to gain ground.

my fav team

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We've already hit the dog days of summer and it's only the 9th day of July...UGGGGHHHH!!!