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The Cards will win tonight over the Red Sox.

The Astros will be much improved this year.

go bruins beat the trojans

one of the best teams in past 5 years

well the regular season is upon us again I do believe that the skins will repeat as division champs and I hope they will make it further
skinsfaninny (+)
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Woohooo Boilers Got the Bucket Today !! GO PURDUE !!!

I think Cleveland needs someone to call the plays

Royals tie franchise record for biggest margin of defeat in 19-1 loss to Indians ... now thats a headline that no team wants!


I will be more humble about my Eagles! I will be more humble about my Eagles! I will be more humble.....................

Buckeyes should take it Sunday.

Az. Cardinals maybe out of the play off but they will still win their upcoming games.
harrisonbegay06 (+)
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Vikings by 3

Just as I figured!!

Boston 7 Baltimore 3

I think the Missouri program is doing well

they rule