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Hated by Marquette fans everywhere

Gotta love seeing all the people on here that I remember from years ago.

Where are you, Ty Shea?

"The legs feed the wolf"


Ameer Abdullah for Heisman!

Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You dont do things right once in a while you do them right all the time

Dean Koontz he isnt but I'm loving my new Greg Hurwitz books :-)

Ladies and gentlemen of FanIQ, I'm just an unfrozen caveman internet user, and your new setup is strange and confusing.

Guess who's back.......

Oops... did I send that!?! My bad!!!!

@MarkSharkBCP -

Best in the West Baby!

Jody's ON FIRE!!!

Bruce promised me a national title

No one has called me Moonlight Graham in 50 years.

Buckin Kaeding

Insert Headline Here

Sorry i haven't been around in a while... :/