Fans Following Benny


Go Illini!!!

Thanks for all the challenges, everyone!

August is a terrible Sports month…get ready

Even thought the KINGS are a GREAT team, it's time for BASEBALL!!! GO YANKEES!!!

Well finally I have finished my 2010 article on the White Sox, now I must get back to prepping to come in eight in fantasy baseball.

Looking forward to the beginning of training camp tomorrow morning. #Boltup

unbeleivable play calling at the end :( Just gave the game away!

Snubbed from the playoffs :(

Rebuilding on the horizon

OK boys, we kick butts and take names tomorrow... arrrgggggg.... REMEMBER TO BRING THE BATS!! :)

penguins are the champions of the world the hell with the mighty red wings the king is dead long live the penguins

Guess who's back?

JaMarcus = Worst. Qb. Ever.

Wow does anyone still go on this site lol

C'mon Sounders now that Ljungberg's back lets stop tying and win us some games!!!