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Scarves Up!

manchester united will win against evaton

if u smell what the rock is cooking...

Happy Friendship Day !!

im think about federer. he is so talented he got 16 grand slam. yap i always cheer yup

Thrashed Arsenal!!..great game..nani n rooney wer brilliant!!

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my thought about this team they better start winning or they will not make the play offs

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Injury Prone

OOwwwwww, the most recognised Golf player of 20th century.

what'5 B^an9in that fiv3 allday and to all th3m Alpo ni99as th3y b3tt3r 93t on th3y 5hit b^3kau53 i'am holla at y3a b^oy
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Hey! Happy Friendship day to all Faniq member... have a great week

im now very hot

Sports r the soul of tghe life,when they r gone we r no longer living

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