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I would love to see them get alot better.

Today marks one month until the 2012 Cubs season begins! GO CUBS GO!

Congratulations Jeff Samardzija (The Shark) on Pitching a Shutout of the White Soxs-1st time since 1945 W/S CUBS Shutout an A/L team


"Smile Now, Cry Later"

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack.

It\'s finally next year.

This is the year for the Falcons. RISE UP ATLANTA !!!!

Love to see Smoke or Kyle Win The Chase! Love to see new Managment for the CUBS!!

Just dreaming about quick fantasy last night.

10-4 Beautiful Day in Sunny Florida, Incredible Weekend 4 Sports Nuts!

I much

Cubs sign top prospect who led NCAA in home runs in 2013. Yeah. Go Cubs!

Happy Birthday, NAVY <3

Yay the Seahawks are the 2014 Superbowl Champs!


Tough rebuilding times ahead, Randall will be a good good player with L.A. The organazation needs to make him the focus for the future

What does October baseball and gay bears have in common? No Cubs!!!! GO CARDS!!!!

I have no idea

Ameer Abdullah for Heisman!

The packers made it farther than people thought and will continue to keep going. Packer fan's don't give up until they are out.

Hoosiers prepping for BIG TEN play

Might be a tough year for Sparty.


Happy Thanksgiving Faniq Family.

NFL Arrests DB -

missed oppurtunities and 2 bad calls at the end cost us against the gamecoks