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I have no idea

"Smile Now, Cry Later"

Dean Koontz he isnt but I'm loving my new Greg Hurwitz books :-)

its not what yor called its what you answer to....

headline: "Dwight Slights L.A!" I'm dreaming of a Dwight-less Xmas! Out of Dwight Out of Mind!

I want to wish all Fan Iqers a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Alright folks... can u check out my sketches and rate n comment on them??? i'll really appreciate that!!!!

halloween chocolate hangover

mad at the whole world today!!

GO Rays!!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!???!!!

Wow, I've been away for a bit! However, I am

mayweather vs ortiz what a fight???such a waste of time..grrrrr

I think..

Happy birthday matthew 25 years old!!:)

Mavs...Wow! now our Cowboys need to step up this year and make the SB and Texas will have a great year yet!!!Cowboys you are Next!!

Looking for a slot in a fantasy football playoff league. If you're either in one or know of someone that is, please message me. Thanks all

Terminators are back in action, they strike, they score, and they win !