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Failure is not an option. It's a step.

cant wait to go here

win, lose, or tie if u give your best there is no need to be ashamed when you walk off the field.

read my post on the volls

be fast

...and the RANGERS WIN!!!! First shutout of Detroit since 1976!

heat will get it next year

Back to winning ways :)

Have a Blast........enjoy Halloween week!!!!!!......Scare People is Fun!!!!!!!

arsenal gonna rock this season

tired and bored

What you see?!

Awesome race at Daytona last night. I love it when Ky. Busch crashes and theres nothing better than when its on the last lap and hes winning

I saw Toby Enstrom at the mall last week no joke

landed a FS ollie 180 and switch BS Nollie 180

I was born in sctland so i better go for them. One thing I think I should do.

The best to play the game in my opinion