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Scarves Up!

well i am learning about sports ... and its hard to get into.. lol but i am going to learn.....

Blue victory!

2011 reds vs red sox

I think that this year the 49'ers will take it all if they stay healthy. They are back!!

they are getting better but are just too young and inexperienced to really make it happen this season

"Smile Now, Cry Later"

7-10 Red Sox win in 10inn.4-3! Still fuming that Reds blew 3-0 lead to Cubs,too many blown saves this week. Lebron better stay or hell 2 pay

The Q is seriously testing what little patience I have at the moment


Happy Birthday, NAVY <3

Mondays suck.


Time for the dog days of in now KING!

I really love winners

I'm quickly losing respect for the 2013 Chicago Cubs ... turn it around quickly Cubs , this die-hard is impatient.

The Cards will win tonight over the Red Sox.

I feel this is the year for the Braves!!!!

Ready for kickoff!

I would love to see them get alot better.

Never let your schooling get in the way of your education.