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Failure is not an option. It's a step.

I think there should be a prize for Q'ers that come back home after taking time off. Yeah, that would be me.

Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You dont do things right once in a while you do them right all the time

Never forget....9/11/01


Defense wins basketball games...And Championships.

It has been forever since i signed on here!

I Will Take On Any And All Comers In Q Fantasy. See If You Can Knock Off The #8 Player On FanIQ

Suck it Boise!!!

Been lacking on watching my wrestling!!!! Got to get back on it!!!!



new promotion at work has been killin my buzz.....not enough Q time :(

Your eyes, your eyes tell me everything. The first, the last and in between, that's everything.

going to kick butt all season

The Cards will win tonight over the Red Sox.

They are going to win the 2014 MLL championship

Dean Koontz he isnt but I'm loving my new Greg Hurwitz books :-)

Great to see FANIQ have the NWSL in soccer so we can follow the matches and cheer for the teams. Hope Lacrosse will have a thread soon.

The pain lets us know it's real. The fact we are still alive in spite of it makes us stronger. The sun will rise, and a new day will begin.

One day at time and never say never.

Tough game v the Stars. Must figure them out before the playoffs.

i love hot dogs

Love to see Smoke or Kyle Win The Chase! Love to see new Managment for the CUBS!!

Villanova will win today!

Be yourself.