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D-Wade was slummin last night.

Henry is one of the greatest

....oh faniq how i missed you :/ i really never get on here anymore :(

College stinks

How does this FanIQ thing work anyway?

I seeeeee you.

Quick is down! Quick is down! F*************uuuuudddddgggeeee!

"The legs feed the wolf"

Gotta love seeing all the people on here that I remember from years ago.

Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You dont do things right once in a while you do them right all the time

Failure is not an option. It's a step.

ARod just passed probably my favorite player while growing up in all time home runs. I wish it wasn't tainted. Now I know what it feels like


Tiger Woods has got to be the favorite to win the PGA

Barack Obama Sucks...

I can't erase all the crap on my messages from 353 days ago..Q, help a sister out!

Ladies and gentlemen of FanIQ, I'm just an unfrozen caveman internet user, and your new setup is strange and confusing.

Well finally I have finished my 2010 article on the White Sox, now I must get back to prepping to come in eight in fantasy baseball.

Oops... did I send that!?! My bad!!!!

Life Go's On

Go Hoosiers!!!!

Whos Got It Better Than Us?

Just saying hi to everyone it has been awhile

Plan with vision, proceed with optimism, and achieve with enthusiasm