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Scarves Up!

the defense needs to step up for this game , no stupid penalties and ifthe offense clicks like it did against the seminoles they will win

Gotta love seeing all the people on here that I remember from years ago.

I have not been on here in so long! I will make a come back i miss my IQ fam! I hope everyone is well. Go Hawks~~~~

This D needs a fine tune up, Arians is the man to get the job done

Tough game v the Stars. Must figure them out before the playoffs.

JaMarcus = Worst. Qb. Ever.

Did anyone just see that LT video. LMAO

One week left until the Madness Of March Basketball Tournament Pool

I'm so geeked for this game tonight. Must win tonight, would be a new favorite moment! :)


Opening day for the Brewers....let see if they can start this year off right.

Let's Go Hawks!!!