Fans Following Michael

is having trouble remaining interested in baseball...


We are all just one step away from stupid!

Cubs have cooled off after hot start. Get to see my favorite team in two weeks, going to Arizona for week, can't wait!

Go Cyclones!!

Live young, have fun & arrive as late as possible

I'm rapidly approaching adult-like status and it's freaking me out!!


Has a horrible feeling that Notre Dame will keep Chalie for another year!

Hated by Marquette fans everywhere

It\'s finally next year.

Ladies and gentlemen of FanIQ, I'm just an unfrozen caveman internet user, and your new setup is strange and confusing.


Glad to have the Q back on a more consistant basis. Gotta get back in the swing of things

If you think you can win, you can win. Faith is necessary to victory.

Mrs B ROCKS My World!

Signed into the "Q" hoping it was somewhat like before, but it is as main-stream as its ever been. SMH

NHL is back...

Kyle will pass the 88 on the 1st lap.

Let's Go Flyers!

just changed my name from barcelona2013 to what it is now TonyBaronie

Oops... did I send that!?! My bad!!!!


"The legs feed the wolf"

Go Hoosiers!!!!

"Live life to the fullest you never know when it will be taken away!"