Fans Following WyldePHX

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Ray Rice #1

5-0 Can Some One Say Who Dat

Come ride with the Devils on the road to Omaha!

Gotta love the Blue Deuce!

Quick is down! Quick is down! F*************uuuuudddddgggeeee!


Upon the conclusion of the Super Bowl begins my one-year hiatus from fantasy sports and sports prognostication. See you in February 2012.

Philly's where it's at.

I'm in 2 yahoo fantasy football leagues that I'm looking to fill. If interested, send me a message.

Not a good start to the season.

And I awoke from a deep slumber

It's official, I'm toast. out/...

I truly hate the NFL...More so the NY Giants more than anything...That game was fixed last night

Yankees, Let us make it 28-Go Pinstripes!

Plan with vision, proceed with optimism, and achieve with enthusiasm

August is a terrible Sports month…get ready

What do you want me to say?

I'm started to fade quickly into the darkness of sleep. Hopefully the light of day doesn't hit my heavy eyes! I can't wait to feel my bed!

Never give a fat guy a fat contract.

I just received a sweet letter from a top 10 friend. I think he wants me to stay

Take down the Jets!