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u shall never walk alone

l_albopera (+)
MIDDLESEX, United Kingdom
Boxing - Manny Pacquiao
Formula One

Am back, on and off..

Darn! Very bad hamilton

Kiko (+)
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Male 31 years old
Soccer - Iran
Soccer - Barcelona
Soccer - Juventus

Kimi back on business... Good to see ICE on podium

Many of the things you can count,dont count.... Many of the things you cant count,really do count....

Egypt showing the World that in next World cup they are the force to reckon

Ha ha ha-----Sania has overtaken Venus williams on Fan Iq

Back on track

CHelsea Rulea
Timur (+)
Singapore, Singapore
Male 20 years old
Soccer - Chelsea
Soccer - Tottenham
Soccer - Russia

We eilll win this season straight and pack it off above anybodys reach


where is manu now
kareemalattar1 (+)
Mclean, United States
Male 23 years old
Soccer - Manchester United
Soccer - Iraq

I think that Aston Villa and Manchester United are going to play today.

If it were no such thing sports, my life wouldn't be complete

It's a hatrick for manchester united.........

To beat the game u gotta play the game!! simple....

Im back IQfans..Been a long while.. Did u miss me???? Im ready for some NFL Football.. Let the Season Begin.. Go Steelers!!!