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Life is one big Sports Rally! Will we win it?

games are up

I'm going to clean out my fans list in the future . If you want to stay let me know at

I think Cleveland needs someone to call the plays

MikeFly (+)
Baltimore, MD
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Mike McCarthy owns this loss and was clearly outcoached by Tom Coughlin. McCarthy needed to realize the need of this team to keep its' mojo

Not being able to access polls I created STINKS!! Why do I even come here...GRRRR!! =(

Buckeyes should take it Sunday.

Az. Cardinals maybe out of the play off but they will still win their upcoming games.
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NFL - Arizona Cardinals

Lions could make believers real soon out of them.But may be as good as their QB is

Vikings by 3

May your favorite team win.


The Wildcats of K-State will dominate! Go Wolverines!!! The Lakers will tumble!! The Bulls will win the East!!! The Thunder will win the

Hope Rivers has a great year!

we'er working our way back to the #1 team in the counry and NCAA Champs fdor 2012

this has nothing to do with sports, but i'm tired of cutting my grass every 4 days.

I am looking forward to a Bronco/Colts playoff for AFC Championship