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Blue victory!

2morrow is Grit N Grind time!!!

turning out to be a good game...Lets go Ravens!!!

Well I still am a Spurs fan but, they are now my number 2 team, OKC is number 1 team. The 9ers are still my number 1 football team go 9ers.

Let's Go, Steelers!!!

Guess who's back?

Oh, bother.


Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!???!!!


Jr. has this race locked in. He is the best there is and always will be..

Falcons r focused and on track to the Superbowl.Carolina then Detroit=No Problem.Now on to The Colts? Can you say 'another win'? HOOTY HOO**

I think in the end Mike Wallace will sign with the Steelers. He's young and wants a ring and make history with 7.

Sooooooooo glad it's FRIDAY!!!

I really want superbowl tickets but they are too much even for a big saints fan like me

Still screaming Who Dat.....4 life!!!! This is some major BS hear, Goodell, u are a pile of ishhhhh!!!!

Lets Go Steelers!

I hardly talk on this thing but I think I should give shout outs to all my followers!! I appreciate your respects and gifts!! Thank you all!
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Looking for a slot in a fantasy football playoff league. If you're either in one or know of someone that is, please message me. Thanks all

No worries its still RAIDER NATION FO LIFE! WIN OR LOSE!

i think I love the Saints, and My fam loves the packs... Would love a tie... Tee~hee

Win or Lose I'm a big Broncos fan...GOOOO Broncos!!!

Well it was a win... ;D