Fans Following David

The packers made it farther than people thought and will continue to keep going. Packer fan's don't give up until they are out.


The Miami Treats have had a great knack for rising to the occasion and playing inspired ball.

Trying to find somewhere to get a green T.J Houshmandzadeh Seahawks jersy, and I can't find one grr

Like I said Oakland is used to crying

It looks like they're gonna be X soon.

packers are coming for you falcons !

He should not have come out of retirement!

Good Morning, Off to school later this to you after:)

Hard to believe that I haven't ran my mouth for 6 months on here. Wow! Anywho.. Hi All:)

hope you have a lucky, but not against me!!!!!!!!!
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Beat the Cougs!

Sooo ready for FOOTBALL!!!

Chelsea is doing great at the top of the EPL