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so glad football started again

Say what you will, Just mean what you say!

I want 2 thank my middle finger for always sticking up 4 me.

in the run game. Why move up to get him and give him 11-15 carries a game? C'MON MAN

I don't care what everyone else is saying about the COWBOYS-they are still #1 in my book and always will be!!!

May everyone have a plentiful

Yep yep Viking's win again. Keep on keeping on were on our way! That's what i like! Congrad's to :Eagles, Bronco's, Falcon's,Raven's.

rbk0916 (+)
Female 2014 years old
NFL - Minnesota Vikings

I root for the Carolina Hurricanes because they are the local Hockey team....

Well, yes. As a matter of fact I AM ready for some football. I DO want to party.

i think this team needs the O line to be a little better and work a little harder.

Hope I can catch the next Dolphin's game!