Fans Ruthie Follows

GO CARDINALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on SuperBowl win 2012 GIANTS BABY BIG BLUE ALL THE WAY THRU ALL IN!!

Go Hoosiers!!!!

I think my man Jeff Gordon has hit a streak of bad luck but I'm a die hard fan and have faith he will pull out like the champ he is.

Still screaming Who Dat.....4 life!!!! This is some major BS hear, Goodell, u are a pile of ishhhhh!!!!

Way to Go SANDMAN...You r the One and Only Top Saver In BASEBALL...Congrats

Love the tradition and love being a fan...Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

I am so sick and tired of ESPN talking about Tim..... Move on to other QB's in the NFL besides Green bay and Bronco's!!!!

I still love ya,Mark. Just a matter of time and u will b n the winner's circle again! Go,Mark!! 5 is still alive!

They're gonna win their next game i no thy will


Celtics will win in 6 games over the Lakers...they are on a roll and playing the best in the play offs

Home Court

Michigan vs. Illinois next week. Pray God to help them to be winner!