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It had been 255 days since I was last logged in.

Well Steeler Nation .. we fought a good fight .. it was a good year reguardless of the loss to the Broncos .Always a fan proud n true !

The Cards win over the Eagles has them overconfident, thinking they will beat the Steelers.

Go Steelers!

undeniably the best pound for pound fighter!

Take down the Jets!

And how we missed your beat again...

Santonio when you mess with a Rooney, you get the knife!!! Even if you were a Super Bowl MVP!

i,m so happy that i move back to Pa.

When exactly did athletes become such jerks and totally forget about the people who pay their salary

HA i got voted the #1 pirates fan of the week, that didn't take much

I'm happy with the way KU football is headed

Wonder what the Steelers are gonna do with Dixon.

smooth moove for Gilbert Brown

The Lions?! C'mon, Matt, what are you thinking?!

Big Ben can't be traded to any team that has cheerleaders...

In a sports bar in San Diego watchin USC's replay

Xmas come early...LOL

I am thinking there will be a lot of need for therapy in Arizona come monday morning!
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