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RCB for the Champions League!!

Do it for Steve... Beat the Rays!

Djokovic played a high quality first two sets but he created some intrigue for the media

Kimi back on business... Good to see ICE on podium

almost beat rafa on friday.

go rf!

the love u desire is already within u....!

Roger is real champion he is the greatest player of all time

i am really bored out of my mind rite now!!!

Life is like a tennis don't win unless you serve

Im lovin my tennis:]


I love andy roddick! he used to b wayy hott, hes still gud lookn thou! ha....hope to c him rise n the rankings soon!

My exams are just round the corner, so pray for me that I can restrain myself from the addiction of Fan-IQ till they are over.

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”

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this is going to be GReat!!!

Spopts and Olymicis and there affected on the avergage American family as it does indeed bring families togother.

Are you ready for FANTASY????


Has a horrible feeling that Notre Dame will keep Chalie for another year!