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i hope everyone is doing well
shaw03gr (+)
Arlington, United States
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NHL - Washington Capitals

Now I'm waiting eagerly for Harry Potter...

Mumbai Indians r In the finals

i cant wait 4 d nxt olympics....



venus and serena are tough competition for one can match their moves and techniques.

i m too bsy person .
sadhika38 (+)
Delhi, India
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Tennis - Serena Williams

its a young team and its winning !!!!!!

ok...Roger's the man definitely!!

the guys are really awesome man specially Sachin & Dhoni

Dis world only knows to hurt others, if we feel something special for someone. the gift we get ispain, true feelings have no value.
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pune, India
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mumbai will surely win the IPL

>>><<< WeLCoOoME BaCK TIM >>><<<

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Cricket - India Cricket Team

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Opening day and we lost not a good start for the new yankkes stadium


Success is not an accident but the result of hard work
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one game at a time...

A Great saying :Worrying doesn't reduce yesterday sarrows but it emties todays strength, so don't worry stay happy Keep Smiling Always

i'm shocked..unbelievable.....