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Honey badger doesn't give a sh!t.

Dean Koontz he isnt but I'm loving my new Greg Hurwitz books :-)

Ameer Abdullah for Heisman!

Texans change 1 team color from battle red to blood red. Errbody gettin whacked.

It's official, I'm toast. out/...

Finally A signing that makes us smile

What the hell is this new addition to my Q-wall?

Hey ya all that remember me before i left to beat up on the taliban - i'm f@#@ing back with a vengeance - missed ya all

"The legs feed the wolf"


Today marks one month until the 2012 Cubs season begins! GO CUBS GO!

100 loss seasons coming up for the next few years...

John Daly wears ugly clothes.

Looking forward to the beginning of training camp tomorrow morning. #Boltup

Go Yankees!

Sharks are really sucking these days. :(

World Port Tournament (baseball) in Rotterdam!


Just dreaming about quick fantasy last night.

Thank you Carl Edwards! Good to see some payback delivered to Keselowski.

August is a terrible Sports month…get ready

After this weekend Dodgers 5 game winning streak gotta like the CUBS coming to town!!!!!! Go Blue

Nice. Another inning down.

I am about to post the 2013 All-Under Appreciated Teams!

Hi all.Any one remember me here?
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