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It had been 255 days since I was last logged in.


Kyle will pass the 88 on the 1st lap.

A Cards fan in ST JO MO

I think the Tigers are Gonna win the World Series Go Tigers Good luck SusanVette

Looking to take the division again in 09!

Third start- 5 ip, 2 runs, 6 k's...

Way to go Tony we are looking forward to the chase

88 in "12

21/09/2011 09:30, Report by Mark Froggatt. Fryers targets Reds return Ezekiel Fryers is already plotting his return to United’s firs

Looking for a slot in a fantasy football playoff league. If you're either in one or know of someone that is, please message me. Thanks all

Awww!! I still remember my username

Nascar is safer then Izod after last Sundays death

I hope the Mavericks win Sunday.

geaux tigers!!

BSU is on its way to an undefeated season; creating more BCS controversy!!!

The Mods (lady mods) are so beautiful hehe

Tomorrow, Saturday 30 / 4 run contest 1 / 11 at 2011 Speedway GP Leszno in Poland.

What do you want me to say?

Boston is going to have a good year!!!
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I cant comment or read comments in the bracket contest. Whats wrong?

Stamkos IS balls!

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Prayers for Brian Vickers... hope it's nothing serious!


nascar and baseball are done for the year..but a whole lot of football till jan! woohoo!!!

wew should have a little christmas spirit every day