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I'm bored :(

Kyle will pass the 88 on the 1st lap.

Go Hoosiers!!!!

Congratulations to the Eastern Conference champions!

JR I dont have any comment!!!!

sandy alderson is a better look for the mets then omar... then again my left ball is as effective as omar was as well

Homestae team

mayweather vs ortiz what a fight???such a waste of time..grrrrr

Take down the Jets!

Ray Rice #1

Andrew bogut says watch your face beat up my hand!

Jericho/Big Show now 'set up' to face DX at Survivor Series. Too bad - I know that DX will take the tag titles.



Vince Young is not a savior...he just protected the ball

Let's go Chicago 2016!!!

geaux tigers!!

Wow it's been along time I miss YA Fan IQ!!!!!!!!!! Go LIONS - GO BLUE - GO TIGERS - GO WINGS

The Cubs will crush the \'stros... GO CUBBIES!!!

life as a father and husband is GREAT!

need more clutch

Blake Griffin = Rookie of the Year

Let's go Brownies! Make it 3!