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That Football season needs to hurry up!!!

Best in the West Baby!

I hope Frank mcourt leaves the team

Tough Schedule this year, last year's schedule was cake, lets see what we can do

Thanks for all the challenges, everyone!

gotta lovee those reds :]

That was a Nailbiter! Bama 12, Tennessee-10 2 blocked FG's by Mount Cody!

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The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Cleveland Clowns

If winning doesn't matter why do they keep score?

Finally back where i belong : )

What a funny weekend yell at my older sister!!! =)

Sorry i haven't been around in a while... :/

just changed my name from barcelona2013 to what it is now TonyBaronie

Go Rays!

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welcome to the big leagues, Gordon Beckham

December is gonna be the major test for Dallas!


We are winning this is odd but I like it