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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness - Locker Room Photo

FanIQ's Rating: 7.2 (188 votes)
Submitted Oct 1st, 2011
by: Jess

Sport: Locker Room
Teams:  Profile Photo
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#1 | 1116 days ago

Nice picture &Great cause...
#2 | 1085 days ago

Having worked 18 years in Diagnostic Imaging part of my duty was assisting the breast health center with mammogram film processing through to the radiologists reading and making their diagnosis so the results can be accessable to the patient's physician to their patient, I've been aware of the importance of finding a cure for all cancer. My mom died of cancer in 1995, up until the time of her passing, I searched for a cure going through reports on experimental  treatments that were available, in addition to the usual surgery,  radiation therapy and/or chemo therapy typically used to treat cancer. Obviously none of the usual treatments worked for her, and she never even tried the experimental options sadly because they were not yet approved by the AMA and FDA, despite one experimental treatment developed by a French cancer research scientist and physician that reported a 75% and higher success rate with terminally ill cancer patients who wound up recovering, not just going into remission and living long active and healthy lives years beyond the time their AMA doctors said they would live and who said there was nothing else they could do and sent them home to die.  Instead of accepting their AMA doctor's word doubting they would or even had a chance of recovery, I guess these patients figured they weren't dead yet and they had nothing else to lose, these patients made an informed educated decision which was required  along with their signed consent before the could recieve the experimental treatment. So they knew who the history of the research physcian and his research, exactly what the treatment was, how it would be administered, possible side effects, if any, and more, before they were referred to the physican in their area that would administer and monitor their progress and results with the treatment.  Like I said that was before my mom died, she never tried it so we will never know if she would have success with this experimental treatment.
I do know that if it had been me who was told by my doctor there was nothing else that could be done beyond what they had already tried with the AMA, FDA approved treatments for cancer, instead of accepting the go home your going to die opinion of my doctor, my attitude would be screw that, if I'm gonna die anyway then what have I got to lose trying this experimental treatment!  If I die, so what, I was supposed to die anyway!  If the treatment does work and I'm one of the 75%+ who survive then it's well worth it !  Then every time I  have it checked to make sure the cancer hasn't come back, I'm going to show those results to the doctors, the AMA and FDA, all those nay sayers that didn't approve of the experimental treatment, how wrong they are.
#3 | 750 days ago

Love your hair, great picture, and good for you, great cause, way to go!!!

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