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me - Locker Room Photo

FanIQ's Rating: 8.9 (113 votes)
Submitted Jun 29th, 2008
by: bridgitte70

Sport: Locker Room

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#1 | 2233 days ago

You look AMAZING! Only if....lol
#2 | 2233 days ago

you take great pictures. you are very photogenic wth a great smile.

#3 | 2233 days ago


#4 | 2233 days ago

Glitter girl!  Very pretty!
#5 | 2230 days ago

Completely agree - great, great pic of ya' !
#6 | 2223 days ago

This is a very BEAUTIFUL picture of you Bridgitte!  You have a great smile too by the way!
#7 | 2222 days ago

(Edited 07/22/08 10:16PM by bridgitte70)
jhawker1957 wrote:
Glitter girl!  Very pretty!
Thanks.  i dont know where the glitter came from though.  I noticed it when I zoomed in on the pic.  I guess it is in my makeup.  I swear I didn't put it there intentionally.     ; )
#8 | 2157 days ago

You are very beautiful!!!
#9 | 2156 days ago

suleyman34 wrote:
You are very beautiful!!!
Thank you.     
Welcome to Fan IQ.  
#10 | 2146 days ago

seriously, u look so beautiful....i'm so attract with u..
#11 | 2144 days ago

Thank you.... I am married though.    But I appreciate the compliment.  
#12 | 2129 days ago

So pretty but yet so Celtic fan. Not Fair!
#13 | 2115 days ago

p.s. don't worry i know you are married
#14 | 2112 days ago

Did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?
#15 | 2108 days ago

You are just Simply BEAUTIFUL.......Roger
#16 | 2098 days ago

hey lets be friends..
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#18 | 2094 days ago

Your BEAUTY is just Breath Taking
#19 | 2082 days ago

shivamkota wrote:
you are really pretty n sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
will u want to be f***d by me.
You either are a complete classless jerk, or you are a child with access to a computer.     In either case, you can go "F*@k" yourself. 
#20 | 2082 days ago

MonteCarloManSS wrote:
Your BEAUTY is just Breath Taking
Thank you.  
#21 | 2082 days ago

zoivic wrote:
Did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?
I just had to let you know that your comment was an original.  I have never heard that before, and it made me smile.       Thanks.  
#22 | 2080 days ago

(Edited 04/22/09 11:55AM by mohantyamaresh815)
#23 | 2022 days ago

(Edited 02/07/09 12:16PM by williamsnana23)
#24 | 2000 days ago

Totally gorgeous!  Your husband is a lucky man!!!  And u love sports def a winner!!  Respectfully.....
#25 | 1964 days ago

who can say ur 35+ ? hey r u not lieing na ...... lol
#26 | 1933 days ago

Attractive, Sane, Available

pick 2
#27 | 1852 days ago
SDsports (+)

How old were you there, 24?

#28 | 1754 days ago

#29 | 1625 days ago

A lovely smile on a very lovely woman!    Your hubby is a very lucky man!
#30 | 1345 days ago

shivamkota wrote:
you are really pretty n sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
will u want to be f***d by me.
Please refrain from using obscenities

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